Consultation, Legal Representation and Application Service for Projects with Public Funding

The legal office and consultancy specialises exclusively in consulting, representing and application of film, media and cultural funding. Within this specialisation, the office provides full legal service. Some of the clients have further legal advisors. Due to its specialisation, the legal office is then being additionally consulted.

The service is addressed to German and international producers and co-producers, distributors, financiers and private persons. Moreover, the service is in demand from political decision-makers, associations and guilds, for example, for the creation of funding guidelines.
In addition, the office offers individual funding workshops for corporations. Lectures at film academies and colleges, media conventions and further education institutions complete the service.

The service covers state-of-the-art structuring, filing and processing of applications for film, media and cultural projects financed by German and European funding bodies that are applicable from Germany (e.g. German Federal Film Fund, Creative Europe). This includes in particular production as well as distribution funds (e.g. FFA, BKM, regional funders, Media and Eurimages).

Finally, applications to the national authorities responsible for certificates of origin (BAFA) and other German certificates like FBW and FSK as well as applications to the German tax authorities for APA (Advanced-Pricing-Agreements) are offered.

Within the specialisation, the office takes over the litigation and offers a specialised second opinion for public funding affairs.

The office also provides a confidential emergency service for projects in a current crisis situation.

The office has an excellent legal network of colleagues available for all mandates outside of the specialisation.